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Why Business Analysts like STATE3 Enterprise.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

This week STATE3 welcomed a new team member on board. Sally Van Gaalen has joined the team as our Senior Business Analyst and Consultant. Sally has a background in Change Management, Adult Education and as a Business Analyst (BA).

Sally shares with us why she joined STATE3, coming from her experience as a BA using STATE3 Enterprise within her organisation.

Why are Business Analysts so interested in STATE3 Enterprise

I worked with the STATE3 team over the past 12-24 months in my last role, and could see that the product was needed by the organisation I was in. I believe that the STATE3 Enterprise product makes a difference, and when I got the opportunity to help make a positive impact, it was too good to pass up.

Here's some reasons why as a BA I was interested in STATE3 Enterprise:

#1 - STATE3 Enterprise solves problems around waste - people and processes.

From a Change Management, BA and Project Management perspective, STATE3 Enterprise solved many problems.

Organisations want to be lean, and understanding their current environment by using STATE3 Enterprise is a great starting point.

#2 - STATE3 Enterprise provides structured information that is useful.

Within STATE3 there are several layers (models) that can be used to visualise relevant levels of requirements, such as end users vs management vs board level.

Through STATE3 Enterprise you can see the roles and the services that the roles provide, the ways that systems are being used and more. This is really useful from a BA perspective.

#3 - Processes and Flows become easy to understand

STATE3 Enterprise used diagrams and visuals that make the processes of organisational flows easy to understand.

#4 - STATE3 Enterprise can save an organisation money

My favourite functions of STATE3 Enterprise is contracts.

Contracts is a simple area where an organisation can see which contracts are being paid for, which ones are no longer used, and which tech, products and applications contracts relate to. This is useful for parts of organisations looking to purchase something, where they can see if a similar product is already in use elsewhere. This reduces costs in both tech and support.

#5 - The STATE3 team are great to work with and make a difference.

Over the past year or two I've really liked the way that STATE3 and its people operate. My background in processes, change management and adult training, and my ongoing drive to do something meaningful and different has always pushed me towards solving problems through good solutions. The STATE3 team has this same drive.

Plus I needed more fun in my later years of working!


Are you a BA interested in STATE3 for your organisation?

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