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How STATE3 Enterprise is used:

STATE3 Enterprise visualises how technology supports your wider business operations:

One view of your technology

Bring all applications, infrastructure, vendor contracts, user profiles, data and business activities together to see the big picture.

Understand the impact of change

Understand and mitigate risk for any change via STATE3’s impact assessments for every business change across your technology ecosystem.

Align business and technology

Build with both technology and business users in mind, STATE3 simplifies the conversation by focussing on the impact of change not just the technology itself.

Cost Out

Eliminate the need for expensive third part consultancy by ensuring that your current technology state is always current.

See your business

Access catalogues, visualise your environment and glean insights to find areas of risk and opportunity.


Impact Assessments

Understand how changes will impact your organisation, including technology, infrastructure, vendors, contracts, tags, locations, data entities and more.


From impact assessments, technology without contracts, contracts without technologies, infrastructure without contracts, users with Azure AD accounts, users without Azure AD accounts and all users.


See a slice of your current state by perspective including technology, infrastructure, certificates, data entities, risk, and people.


STATE3 Enterprise is updated via automated integrations, API’s and automated feeds and through manual processes such as the annual confirmation process and change boards.

Knowledge Exchange

Capture knowledge in a practical way to ensure that your technology current state can be used by new and existing employees, vendors and partners.


Software Technologies

Including all applications and their individual interactions, data entities, associated server environments, user summary and vendor contracts.


Provides server details including if it is replicated for disaster, type of environment (i.e. VM, Physical, IaaS) and status. Data entities – including business concepts, attributes, and entities.

Business Activities & Flows

Provides a hierarchy view of your business activities (i.e. services) and all key supporting process flows.  This allows the organisation to understand potential break points within a process.


Contract management of all technology agreements within the organisation. Ensures that all stakeholders (i.e. Business, Technology, Process and Data Owners) are known and across upcoming changes or renewals.


Application Criticality

Shows the critically of the solution to the wider business.

Risk Indicator

Assign risk levels and view your technology environment via a risk lens.


Allows users to confirm that technology interactions are true and correct as part of scheduled (e.g. 6 monthly) housekeeping.  Automated updates support overall health and currency within STATE3 Enterprise.

Product Map

Provides a view of your technology stack by vendor allowing for ease of use and recognition.

Server Map

Shows interactions between severs and is colour coded and weighted by number of interactions.

Organisational Risk Index (OCI)

Provides a graph of technological complexity within the organisation.

STATE3 works with large, complex organisations - from Universities, Central & Local Government, Health Care Providers, Utilities / Electrical Distribution Boards, Primary Industry and many more.

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