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5 Tips for Success in your next IT or Technology Project

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

IT projects can be a risky business if not done properly. 30-35% of IT projects fail.

STATE3 is in the business of making technology projects successful, so here are some of our tips for a great IT project:

Tip #1: Invest in recruiting, managing and retaining the best people

One dollar spend on talented, team players will save thousands on delivering a poorly scoped, implemented and then re-worked technology project. The project management office consistently get it in the neck for projects when they go off the rails. So continue your investment into ensuring that they have the people, tools, techniques and support to deliver successful outcomes.

Tip #2: Appoint a champion

From my own experience, one champion at a senior level (preferably C-suite) can do wonders. They are essential for aligning IT and the wider business. Champions can develop a share future vision that with care and attention, everyone in the organisation can quickly get on board with. They remove obstacles from project teams, are cheerleaders for change, can explain risk versus reward at every level and smooth waters when things get choppy.

Tip #3: Understand Risk

Getting a stable baseline or current state is a critical first step to determining the interdependencies, success criteria and subsequent milestones for any project. If done well it will include more than the technology solutions and consider the infrastructure, data, end users, existing contracts as well as business activities. Ideally it should also be able to determine the impact of change to any of these components. This helps to remove ambiguity, ensure that what is agreed is delivered and by whom.

Tip #4: Pick a Methodology

Similar to investing in your people, invest in educating the project team and wider business on the principles of the project methodology adopted. Agile is a great example of how project management principles may be beneficial beyond the scrum team or project parameters.

Tip #5: Focus on the Business Value

While many technologist can disappear down a rabbit hole on detail, the wider business needs to know WIIFM (i.e. 'whats in it for me?') End user adoption is often reliant on building a clear understanding between the project and organisational outcomes; but this needs to be readily understood at all levels of the organisation. If you have a marketing or coms team, their involvement here is a great way to sell the overall business value in plain speak.

Bringing all these components together in a consistent way is how organisations can embrace change and realise the outcomes that emergent technology can provide. This is what STATE3 offers, STATE3 Enterprise is designed to show how all parts of your organisation connect and work together

The STATE3 team would love to talk to you about how we can help with your next IT project. Contact us for a chat.


Tania Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of STATE3 New Zealand. She is a dedicated business developer and strong relationship builder. Her focus is always on ensuring organisations get what they require from technology solutions, operationally and strategically. She has successfully co-founded and exited a Business Intelligence Organisation prior to co-founding STATE3. Tania is a Chartered Director with a strong affinity with data and governance and is currently completing a Masters in Information Governance.


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