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Why Boardroom Representation of Technology Specialists Matters

Diversity has become a widely used term in the business world, representing the idea that organisations should reflect their diverse demographic and cultural environment. Inclusion at all levels, including the boardroom, leads to social and economic benefits and encourages a culture of inclusive thinking.

However, while many organisations are embracing diversity, they often overlook the importance of representation from technology specialists.

Technology plays a crucial role in every aspect of a business, from its people and processes to operations. Ignoring this fact can result in a lack of understanding and a false belief that the business is running smoothly without it.

Boardroom representation of technology specialists is crucial to business success because:

1. Without it your Business Culture is not Tech-Enabled

Every business is dependent on technology, making them "tech-enabled" businesses.

A common misconception is that a business is not a technology company, such as a milk company claiming it's only a "milk company." However, this is not the case as technology plays a vital role in everything they do, from tracking milk trucks to refining milk products and packaging.

2. Technology Empowers Business Projects.

Technology is moving beyond IT and into the core of the business, with technology being crucial to projects often led by finance, sales, HR, or operations departments.

While these subject matter experts understand the user needs, they may not have the technical experience to lead a project. This can result in IT being left out and impact production systems. To avoid this, IT should be involved from the start and included in the change management process.

3. The Focus on Cybersecurity

Many businesses are aware of the potential harm a cyber attack can cause. The main target of any attack is often financial or personal data. Businesses should focus on cybersecurity and maintain good IT hygiene, including regularly assessing their IT systems and determining risks.

STATE3 Enterprise can help with supporting good IT hygiene in your systems, including providing a live current state audit of your infrastructure, contracts and product versions and ensuring that all systems have technology, business or process owners.

Contact STATE3 to learn more about getting a grip on your current state and the importance of technology representation in the business world.


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