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Marlborough District Council and STATE3: Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

The Marlborough District Council (MDC) faced the challenge of managing a vast and changing technological landscape with many critical interdependencies. To tackle this, they adopted STATE3 Enterprise (S3E), a software platform that simplified their view of technology and how it supports critical business services.

A dedicated working group made up of members from various MDC teams within the IM Department has spearheaded the implementation of STATE3. The STATE3 team reinforces this with training and personalised support to help with the process.

This case study highlights how S3E is being used within MDCs operations to empower data-driven decision-making and enhance its change management process.

Comprehensive Visibility and Centralised Documentation

With S3E in place, MDC gains a clear view of their technology interactions. The software allows them to track changes, visually map data connections, and understand the relationships among various components.   This understanding is imperative in managing MDC’s cybersecurity. 

In the words of MDC Data and Information Governance Manager Brenda Pottinger, “STATE3 can help make decisions and track what we’ve got. It can go down to the granular, but still capture data and information at the asset level.”












S3E reduces information silos by eliminating scattered records and preventing critical information from being lost on individual hard drives or when staff leave, saving valuable time and effort.

Enhancing Change Management with Impact Assessment

STATE3 collaborated with MDC to design a new change management feature based on their feedback, tailoring the feature to streamline change processes.

When a member of the team recently submitted a change request, they utilised S3E to carry out an impact assessment. By reviewing the effects of the proposed change, staff were able to make insightful decisions, confidently considering the potential implications and risks to the wider organisation.


The integration of S3E for change management has resulted in improved efficiency and will empower teams to tackle future challenges.

Data Governance and Reliability

S3E supports MDC's data governance and information management. The software aligns with it’s data governance control tools, enabling reliable exporting and preservation of critical documents.

MDC is in the process of utilising S3E to ensure that the software's relevance is maintained over time. This robust data governance approach provides a reliable foundation for decision-making and future planning.

Empowering Reporting with Visualisation Tools

S3E's visualisation tools made complex information simple for MDC. S3E’s high-level visualisations have proven invaluable, as stakeholders can quickly grasp the implications of various actions and decisions.

Brenda highlighted their impact, “The visualisations allow people to 'click,' and they realise what those interactions are”.


These visual representations make S3E a storytelling tool, highlighting risks and values, making connections and interactions clear, and most importantly, making complex information easily understandable.

Collaboration and Ongoing Support

Collaboration was the best approach for a software like S3E, where a Working Group “working with members from different teams to upskill them to look after their piece of architecture” meant good buy-in from staff to use S3E in the best way, according to MDC Business Analyst Leticia Hughes.

Though early in the process, the Working Group's efforts are designed to have a collaborative effect throughout the organisation. As team members work on the software together, S3E will become an integral part of their operations and an antidote to lost information.

The collaborative implementation will foster a culture of efficiency and preparedness, with teams making informed decisions based on real-time information. Brenda praised the ongoing support provided by STATE3, stating, "The team are so good to work with, which made the process so much easier. They have been patient, supportive, and helpful in training and getting the MDC team organised."

STATE3 Supporting the Journey

MDC’s journey with STATE3 displays the transformative power of collaborative implementation. Driven by a dedicated working group, MDC is harnessing its power to grow the capabilities of STATE3 Enterprise to gain a comprehensive view of their landscape, streamline change management processes, and enhance data and information governance.

The integration of impact assessments in change management has led to insightful decision making, ensuring that MDC is prepared for future challenges.

With ongoing support and maintenance, MDC is well-equipped to continue leveraging S3E's capabilities to streamline change so that there are no ‘mishaps’ with the change in the future. This forward-thinking approach sets an example for other organisations looking to implement transformative software tailored to their specific needs.

As MDC continues to harness the true potential of STATE3 Enterprise, it stands ready to navigate complex projects and make informed decisions, laying the groundwork for a successful and adaptive future.


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