View, manage and improve your technology environment and dependencies.

Discover the hidden impact of technology change

Our clients

Our clients make informed technology decisions

“State3 has helped us understand our environment and the relationships between the data, this is now an integral part of our change (CAB) process to understand the impact.”

Geoff Gale, CIO - MainPower Ltd.


State3 brings a mix of consultancy and software (SaaS) to capture your organisations current technology state.

We help you:

  • visualise and map your technology to inform organisational decision making,

  • highlight risk and opportunity,

  • and determine impact of change to the wider business.

Our SOlution


Technology interactions mapped to understand how your applications exchange information.


Data entities, their relationships, flows and security attributed described and mapped.


Server infrastructure information ingested and related to data, people and technology.

Impact Assessment

Your technology, data, infrastructure and people analysed to determine technology change impact.

Contract Management

Visibility of your contracts, renewals and associated services. All managed and visible from a central portal.


We expect to be held accountable against our values by the people who's lives we touch.

Our clients, team, families and community.

We truly consider the impact of our decisions and actions on our people.

We own who we are and what we do.

We don't deny problems, make excuses, or blame others.

The problems we solve are complex.

We strive to provide easy to use, simply to understand products and services.

Explore new ways of doing things.

We try new things, listen to the feedback of our people, learn and adapt.