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Do you wish you could know where your people are?

What systems they are using?

Where processes are duplicated?

Know the impact of making a change on your business?

​These are just a few examples of the questions State3 Enterprise helps you to solve.

As current state specialists, we work with complex businesses such as councils, nationwide service operators and manufacturers to connect their people, systems, infrastructure, technology and data to create an always up-to-date current state. 


Find out if State3 Enterprise could work for your business 



Know what your tech does and how it interacts with your wider business

Know how your servers are working, what and where they are in use and more.

Gain a complete view of your people and technology use, as well as processes and automations.

Manage changes, see risks and understand the impact on your business.

Be reminded of when you need to renew, know total costs, management of contracts and more.

Developing a Business Current State You Can Rely On

Our journey started with a real issue – how to develop a current technology and business state that stayed current?

We realise that technology is not just about what apps and infrastructure the organisation use; its about the people and what technology they use to achieve.   We help you see how everything is connected.

STATE3 was founded with two intentions. The first was to ensure that change projects gained results as promised. The second was to create better knowledge of how technology works across your organisation.

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