What we do

How does your organisation manage its technology?

STATE3 provides an end-to-end view of your technology current state so that you can stay on top of contracts and renewals, manage risk, demonstrate value as part of monthly reporting and develop next years budget.

Is your organisation looking to upgrade core technology?

STATE3 can map your current technology state and develop ‘what if’ options for various potential new or replacement solutions. This helps complete a technical due diligence, validate project assumptions, minimise risk and scope creep.

Is your organisation looking to sell a portion of its operation?

Selling part of your organisation requires due diligence on the potential impact this will have. By seeing your current and future technology states you can accurately determine areas of risk and opportunity, while determining the overall impact of change across your organisation.

Is your organisation merging or acquiring another organisation?

Bringing different cultures, processes and technology together is challenging. By modelling both acquiring and target organisations technology, STATE3 can enable you to create an ideal blended future state based on your strategic goals.