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STATE3 Purpose, Values and History

There are two principles in STATE3 decision making:

  1. Can technical projects deliver their promise? Change comes with risks.  When these are not fully understood the project will not deliver and an opportunity to beat the competition could be missed. We want to make sure that organisations are in control of their change process.

  2. Can we help make better decisions across the business?  With technology underpinning the majority of all business processes, understanding the ripple effect of change is critical to reducing risk and promoting better business outcomes.


We developed STATE3 Enterprise to enable the business to understand the impact of change.


Our goal is to provide the most innovative, easy to use, and intuitive solution. To do this, STATE3 operates with four key values – people first, live above the line, make the complex simple, and explore.





We put people first, because we know that great people can do wonderful things when they are supported.  Whether its in our company or in yours, people are always front of mind and our priority.

Simply put, we do what we say we are going to do and say what we are doing.  We believe putting ourselves on the line by living this. It makes us a company that embodies integrity.

Our customers have very complex technology and business environments.  We work reduce complexity, so the whole business is on the same page.

Doing things the way it’s always been done is not us. We find new ways to reduce complexity, streamline processes and ensure that we are delivering value.

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